How Haven Life Plus makes getting a good night’s sleep less hard

How Haven Life Plus — a no cost rider for policyholders — can help you rest easy by Michael Davis September 14, 2021  |   Wellness Change is afoot. The days are getting shorter and the clocks will be changing in the not too distant future. Also, people are starting to travel again, and kids are (mostly) … Read more

How Haven Life is using its release names for good

When most businesses update their websites or online infrastructure, they give the new software release a bland name like Update 4.7, or name it after something at once recognizable and meaningless. (Think mountain ranges, jungle cats, etc.) But not Haven Life. As of this year, we are treating our release names as an opportunity to … Read more

How Haven Life makes product planning less hard

Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of Built In NYC, an organization for tech professionals, and features Haven Life’s own rock star product owner, Meghan Furdyna. As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce you to the people who make Haven Life so special, we wanted to share an edited version of the … Read more

How Haven Life celebrates National Intern Day

From left: Interns Arifa Baksh, Linor Kuighadoush, Eric Zhou, Arkin Satija, Benjamin Teo, Leroy Hutchinson, and chapter lead Zack Shinkar. July 29th is National Intern Day. So, we thought what better time to introduce you to our interns, tell you what they’ve been up to this summer, and share why they are raving about their … Read more

How Haven Life uses merit badges to make work life less hard

Merit badges. You probably haven’t thought about them since your scouting days, or since the whirlwind Pokemon Go summer of 2016. But it turns out — as any young scout and/ or mobile video game enthusiast will tell you — they’re pretty darn motivating. They’re a pleasure to give, and to receive. And that’s why … Read more