Alternatives To Long Term Care Insurance In 2021 (Plus Tips)

Getting older is inevitable—lacking the financial means for long-term care isn’t. Long-term care insurance is an excellent way to ensure you’ll have the proper assistance when you need it.  However, There are good alternatives to long-term care insurance in 2020.  Each of those opportunities has its advantages and disadvantages, and no single option is going … Read more

How to buy affordable term life insurance online

Buying term life insurance online has never been faster, easier or more affordable. Here’s how to do it. by Nicole Dieker October 12, 2021  |   Life Insurance On the one hand: In the 21st Century, it’s not exactly news that you can get a life insurance policy through the magic of the internet. On the other … Read more

What is renewable term life insurancenic

Are you considering term life insurance? If so, you’re on your way to taking an important step that could help provide essential financial benefits to your loved ones. But what kind of term life insurance policy should you choose? You might be wondering if an annual renewable term life insurance policy is right for you … Read more

Top 10 Best Term Life Insurance Companies For 2021 // Rates & Reviews

Bestow is our #1 recommended life insurance company based on approval speed and price.    They are the only product on the market that offers a true no exam experience from the application process all the way through to the approval. If you need affordable life insurance without a medical exam, there is no faster option in the … Read more

What does term life insurance cover?

Great question. We’re glad we asked. But really, there’s another question we should touch on first: Who does life insurance cover? In short, it covers whomever your beneficiary is or beneficiaries are. Chances are, that’s someone you love and hold dear, like a spouse, your children, even a beloved nonprofit organization. And that’s who will … Read more